NotifyLog Is Now Live! 🚀

NotifyLog Is Now Live! 🚀

Starting today, NotifyLog is now live on Public Beta!

⚡ Today, we are excited to launch NotifyLog, one stop tool for events tracking and analytics! ⚡

We believe that tracking events and notifications should be simple, fast and bring a lot of insights and data, but what we see out there is not quite how it happens.

Build, monitor and show real-time event notifications in minutes, not days, with NotifyLog. Get a real-time event notifications of all your applications, platforms, websites and Apps.

Just copy and paste a single line of code in your Website or App and, within minutes, all your events will be monitored and automatically added to your timeline.

One tool for all your analytics. Get a unified view of what's happening across all your applications. Receive real-time notifications and gain insights into the most common events in your product and share with your team.

Discover the most popular integrations in the market for use in your event channels. We've built integrations with the most popular tools in the scene. We're adding new integrations every week.

With NotifyLog get,

- No-code integration
- Unified events timeline
- Multi-platform
- Analytics & Dashboard
- Simple to use with a fair price
- Notifications

We're excited about everything we're going to build in the coming months and the story we're going to build together.

Yes, we take your feedback very seriously and want to provide you with a truly valuable platform. Therefore, our roadmap is public (under construction) and you can suggest new features at any time.

Our Roadmap:

And of course, you are invited to be part of our beta:

I see you on the other side 🚀